06 Aug Record Rainfalls – Is your sump pump working properly?

Record Rainfalls – Is your sump pump working properly?

 This June marked the most rainfall for Barrie and surrounding areas in the past 5 years. With this kind of rain we recommend checking your residential or commercial sump pump systems for proper functionality. The best way to check your sump pump is to pour buckets of water into the sump basin and watch to see if the float rises and turns the pump on. Look and listen for the water to properly discharge out of the sump basin, and for the float to lower, and tell the pump to stop running. If you notice any problems we recommend unplugging the pump from its power source, and making sure that the float is not being obstructed by any debris, or is too close to the side of the tank, causing it to become stuck. If this does not solve your problem, please call us and we will gladly help you troubleshoot, or send a service technician to repair any issues. We hope this has helped, and as always, if you have plumbing problems, we have the solutions.

Please read or blog article “Have you checked your sump pump recently,” for more information on how sump pumps work

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